The aim of mindfulness interventions within schools is to support the well-being and mental health of our children in the local area.  This year the decision to broaden this and deliver to parents has been a well-received idea, with a number of parents already requesting a place in this course.

This year the mindfulness program has been looking at how we can be more mindful of the world around us, by demonstrating positive acts of kindness and also taking in the good, by learning various gratitude activities.

The children have been very receptive to this and have enjoyed taking part in tasks that encourage them to take notice of those around them.  Therefore leading to greater emotional intelligence.  When we are mindful of our own reactions to situations we can then use this same ability with others.

The children have completed mediation practices.  Guided each other, played games, watched mini video clips, taken part in mindful movement exercises and created pictures and letters for others to show their thanks and appreciation.

The children particularly enjoyed the resilience test.  Alongside the class work, I have worked with smaller groups of children, picking up on the basics of mindfulness.  These smaller groups create a safe space for chatting and just being.  Within these groups the children have listened to stories, sang songs, coloured pictures, meditated and played mindful games.

All the children always look forward to mindfulness classes and clearly benefit as when they leave they are always much more relaxed and peaceful. 

In previous years, all the children have developed a mindfulness practice, looking at their intention to life, attention to life and attitude.  This 3 foundations of mindfulness were pulled together to introduce children to the concepts of being more self-aware.  Not just self-aware but having the tools to do something about their difficult behaviours, before and as they arise.

Children engaged brilliantly and the feedback from last ears program was more please.  The work is aimed increasing resilience and self-awareness, through Mindfulness. All children can access my programs as they are linked to a faith or culture.  Sessions are trauma informed and my delivery is based around my own model of consciousness for the children.

Which judging by the feedback and the cheer I receive from the children, definitely works. Sprouting Mindfulness gained its name from the idea, that we can ‘Sprout’ pockets of mindfulness into our community. 

The children have asked for more and this has been listened to.